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"Now I'm getting a 25% conversion rate and opt-ins have doubled on my home page!"

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From: Tracy Needham

Raleigh, NC

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

“Marketing just doesn’t seem to work.”

“I’ve tried so many things and it feels like I’m just spinning my wheels.”

“I haven’t gotten a single client from my website.”


Do any of these sound familiar to you?

They do to me because I hear them all the time from exasperated entrepreneurs and small business owners.

They’ll talk about getting a website designed, buying ads, sending emails, and on and on…in short, everything they’re doing.

But probably 95% of the time, the biggest problem is what they’re saying.

Because the WORDS—what you say and how you say it—are what ultimately drive people to hire or buy from you. So making sure you include the right words is essential.

Far more than just conveying information, the right words…

  • Grab their attention and keep it
  • Clearly and quickly conveys the value of what you have to offer
  • Build a rapport with the prospect so they’re comfortable buying from you
  • Eliminate the obstacles that can prevent sales
  • Show them you have the best solution for solving their problems and achieving their desires—one they can’t find anywhere else

…all of which persuades them to act NOW!

And when you use the wrong words, potential customers don't "get" what you're trying to say. They get bored, confused, or even suspicious. And in a moment, they're gone. Lured away by a ding, or ring, or back button to Google.

So which are the right words?

The right words are the ones that resonate with them—that THEY would think or say—and that trigger their buying hot buttons.

And when you do this—when you “speak their language”—you connect with the reader in a far more powerful way. For one, they "get" what you’re saying faster and more easily…which is critical because as they say, "a confused mind always says no."

But also…

Speaking Their Language Makes You One of THEM

It is genetically programmed into our DNA to like and feel more comfortable with people who are similar to us. And research shows we're much more likely to buy from them. In fact a recent study revealed that 68% of people said they'd be more likely to trust a company if the message is coming from "a person like me."

And a BIG part of creating that "you're like me" feeling is speaking the same language.

But it's not your fault if you didn't know this. Many business owners end up using the wrong words because no one ever taught them how to write to sell. In fact, research shows the BIGGEST mistake companies make is assuming their customers care about the same things and "speak the same language" as they do. A mistake that can cost you a lot of dollars in lost sales.

The good news is I've figured out an easy way to ensure you're speaking your prospects' and clients' language every time you communicate with them.

Using your book will result in killer conversion rates
and tons of sales!

Web Copy Success Story"Wow! This info totally ROCKS! I can't tell you how many times I've struggled with clients who want to add crappy content to their website cause they simply don't 'Get It'.

From now on I'm just going to point them to this book cause I know it'll result in killer conversion rates and tons of sales they would've ordinarily missed."

– Teddy Garcia
Cybermedia Marketing

I've been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners create websites that deliver more subscribers, more clients and more sales for more than five years.

So it's frustrating when I meet business owners who seem to have great products and services but obviously still struggle to grow their business. Then I check out their website -- and am floored by the dense writing, scary gobbledygook, and "me" focus. NO prospect is going to understand what they do, let alone be eager to hire them.

I guess they think it doesn’t matter…if someone was interested they’d just call or email. But most of the time, prospects don’t bother because they’re in a hurry and know someone else is usually just a Google search away. 

That's why I've become really passionate about helping business owners reach out to their prospects better. Because when you talk about what’s important to THEM—and using the words THEY would use—then you’re connecting with them in a much more powerful way (and getting A LOT more business!)

Now I’m getting a 25% conversion rate and
opt-ins have doubled on my home page!

Web Copy Success Story"I just had to let you know what FANTASTIC success I’ve had with the tips from your ebook! My revamped sales page is now getting a 25% conversion rate and opt-ins have doubled on my home page. And I'm STILL pulling stuff out to apply! Frankly, I would have paid 3 TIMES as much as I did. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

– Lisa Robbin Young


And this isn’t just true for writing. It’s true for talking as well—I hear people the same mistakes in elevator speeches and videos.

But few entrepreneurs are going to hire a copywriter for every bit of marketing they do. So I started thinking about the process I go through and created a guide that walks you through the process that’s been so successful for my clients.

Now there’s a roadmap for getting inside your prospect’s head…

…so you can create copy that speaks their language and puts your business into overdrive! (You’ll be floored how easy and how effective it is!)

Secrets you simply couldn’t have known because they don’t teach this in school. (Even if you’ve studied copywriting—or writing to sell—many programs skip over this part.)

In fact, writing for prospects and customers is a whole different ball game from what you learned in high school English class. We were taught how to sound sophisticated for the deans reading our college applications—big words and lots of semi-colons—which is a sure recipe for disaster when you’re marketing to real people whose lives are moving a million miles a minute.


7 Steps to Creating Copy That Speaks Your Client’s Language
…so You Land More Clients and More Sales!

This 49-page guide and 45-minute minute audio recording will reveal the secrets to crafting copy that makes prospects feel like you’ve been reading their minds—so they’ll be compelled to hire you, buy your products or sign-up for your list!

Following my simple process will…

  • Turbocharge Your Sales. Speaking their language and talking about how to solve their problems keeps distraction at bay so prospects are engrossed in your words ‘til the very end.
  • Build that All-Important Know, Like and Trust Factor. Time and again research shows that customers overwhelmingly buy from those they know, like and trust—and they’re more loyal too. Speaking your prospective client’s language helps that, and makes them feel more comfortable about doing business with you.
  • Get You to “Yes” Faster. When you fend off distractions, build a rapport, and clearly convey “what’s in it for them”—buying decisions get made with Superman speed because they simply don’t feel the need to look anywhere else.

  • Give You a License to Charge MORE. Prospects don’t resist high prices, they resist poor value. When they understand the full and unique value of what you have to offer, they’re less likely to comparison shop or lobby for a discount…so you’re often able to charge more!

There are plenty of copywriting how-to programs, but I’ve NEVER seen one that covers this material. This is the “missing link.”

In 7 Steps to Creating Copy that Speaks Your Client’s Language, you’ll discover:

Step 1—Identify WHO you’re speaking to

  • This simple exercise on page 13 is the key to getting more bang for your marketing buck…AND creating copy that propels your prospects into action
  • Zero in on the most profitable prospects so you can make more money while working less (page 14)

Step 2—Discover What Drives Them

  • The 10 buying hot buttons on page 16 will get you on the fast track to “yes” (Hint: the first is “make money” but the others may surprise you!)
  • Discover the Holy Grail of buying motivations—the one thing they’d pay anything to achieve (weave this into your copy and it will be irresistible!) …see page 19
  • The goldmine of insights you’ve overlooked, sitting right under your nose (this secret’s revealed on page 18)
  • The 2 subconscious thoughts you MUST root out before you set pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!)—or else you might as well be writing in invisible ink…on page 16
  • Survey your customers more effectively with the tips on page 18 and you’ll net a wealth of insights to fuel your business’ growth!

Step 3—Craft Your Core Message

  • Follow an easy 5-step process to ferret out the one core message you should emphasize in EVERYTHING you say or create for your company (see page 20)

Step 4—Write for Clarity

  • 7 ways to make your writing faster and easier to read (forget what your English teacher told you!) so prospects quickly “get” what you’re saying and ACT before distraction lures them away on page 25  
  • “Grade” your copy with this tool hidden in your Word program—revealed on page 25—this is one test you DON’T want to score high on!
  • What rainbows can teach us about making information easier to digest…and more memorable—page 26

Step 5--Fix These Mistakes in English…

  • The 5 types of insidious Greek-speak you’re probably using without knowing it—and killing your sales—are revealed on page 27
  • Are you a marketing narcissist? This simple test on page 7 will tell if you’re turning-off prospects with this all-too-common mistake!

Step 6—Make it More Relevant

  • This body language secret builds instant rapport with your prospect—see page 9
  • 2 lessons from those who get the last laugh… (on page 30 and 35)
  • Fill-in-the-blanks on page 33 to find golden answers that all important question, “What’s in it for me?”
  • 10 rich resources to mine for rapport-building language on pages 31 and 32

Step 7—Test for Traction

  • Simple ways to make sure you’re on target for maximum results…before AND after you start using the copy (pages 37 and 38)
  • The WORST people to ask for feedback—ignore this advice at your own risk! (page 37)

And remember, you can apply these steps to EVERYTHING you do to market your business or communicate with clients—web pages, emails, newsletters, brochures, videos, elevator speeches…the list goes on and on. ALL of it becomes much more magnetic and effective once you start speaking their language.

So get your copy today!

The copy I’m writing now easily outperforms
the copy I was using before!

Web Copy Success Story"I'm an affiliate marketer, and these days, paying for advertising online is getting REALLY EXPENSIVE... Not only do I have to have to get someone to click my ad, but I have to give them some really great reasons to stop what they're doing and buy my stuff!

I have about 100 websites promoting various products and I'm constantly adding new ones so I was spending a small fortune on so-so writers from those freelance sites--and losing valuable selling time too.

Your book has taken the nightmare out of writing good copy and turned it into a step by step process for me. It's amazing how easy it can be when someone takes the time to show you how to do it. Side by side, the copy I am now writing easily out performs the copy I was paying for and waiting ages to get delivered.

Thank you so much. And please feel free to show other people this email. It would be a shame for someone sitting on the fence not to get a copy."

– Dan Hughes
Triangle Response Marketing

There's no question these strategies can dramatically improve the response you get. That’s why my clients pay me thousands of dollars to write copy for them.

But I know EVERY business needs good copy to make more sales and attract more clients. I also know some businesses aren't ready to invest in hiring a copywriter—and few will have a copywriter write every single marketing piece for them. (Ezines, video scripts, blog posts—there’s always something that needs to be written!)

That’s why I created this guide to help any entrepreneur, solo professional or small business owner make their marketing copy resonate more powerfully with prospects and clients—and I’m offering it at a low price of only $57.

You just can’t go wrong. You'll learn dozens of specific, easy ways to make your copy more appealing and persuasive with prospects and clients. So you can grab their attention in those crucial first moments and keep it all the way through to the sale!

And of course there are bonuses…

Order now and you also get these 3 bonuses that double the value!

Bonus #1

The 7 Steps Quickstart Guide. This checklist makes it super-easy to make sure you’re covering all your bases when it comes to turning your copy into a client magnet! (I could actually sell this Guide on its own, but I think it’s important you have the info behind the steps and the tips to refer to!) ($19 value)

Bonus #2

The Simple Sales Page Checklist.
A sales page or letter is a time-tested powerful way to sell a specific product or service. There are entire programs on how to write an effective sales page that hits the right psychological triggers and primes prospects to buy.

But for those who aren’t ready for that level of detail or who just want a straightforward reminder of what they’ve already learned, here’s a Checklist to ensure you’ve got the right elements in the right places to persuade readers to take action. ($10 value)

Bonus #3

How to Get (and Give) a Killer Testimonial
Report. Everyone needs strong testimonials to create credibility and underscore their ability to deliver. Discover how to avoid wimpy testimonials and create powerfully persuasive ones instead. ($19 value)

Plus You’ll Have My Risk-FREE, No-Hassle 60-Day GUARANTEE

I’m so confident you will love 7 Steps to Creating Copy That Speaks Your Client’s Language—Landing You More Clients and More Sales! that if you don’t, I’ll give you a prompt, no-hassle refund within 60 days of your purchase!

Ready to turn your copy into a sales magnet?

Then click the button below and claim your copy now! Once you checkout via our secure shopping cart, you’ll get instant access to the workbook, audio recording and bonuses so you can get started right away!

YES, TRACY! I’m ready to learn how to create copy that speaks my prospects’ language for more clients and more sales!

I understand for my investment of $57, I’ll receive:

  • A 49-page GUIDE to walk me through the easy 7 Step process

  • A 45-minute audio that talks about the 7 Steps

  • Bonus #1—The 7 Steps Quickstart Guide ($19 value)

  • Bonus #2—The Simple Sales Page Checklist ($10 value)

  • Bonus #3--How to Get (and Give) a Killer Testimonials Report ($19 value)

And I understand I’m protected for 60 days by
Tracy’s full money-back guarantee.

You may also call 919.829.1539 or fax your order to 919.882.9070

The only thing you’ve got to lose is copy that’s not doing you much good! So don’t delay, get started making your marketing work harder for you today!


Tracy Needham
Tracy Needham


P.S. How much longer can you afford to let your words turn-off prospects and drive away sales? Get your guide to writing more powerful, client-connecting copy today!

P.P.S. Everyone keeps telling me to raise the price because the value FAR exceeds what I'm charging for this, so buy NOW before I break down and decide to listen to them!

P.P.P.S. Remember: If for any reason, you feel this product does not deliver, simply let me know within 60 days and you’ll get a FULL refund.

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