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5 Steps to Compelling Copy7 Steps to Creating Copy That Lands More Clients and More Sales - No Additional Marketing required!
If your website and marketing materials aren’t speaking your client’s language, I guarantee you’re losing business. This ebook will show you how to make sure your words are connecting with your prospects so they will finish reading and say “yes, I’m buying!” Click here for more information.

EntrepreneursConscious Entrepreneurs
My chapter, “Good for Profit—Your Social Conscious is an Asset to Your Business,” makes the case for why you should incorporate the charitable and environmental initiatives you’re doing into your business planning and how to make the most of them. Stay tuned for information on how to get your copy! Click here for more information.








The One Press Release You CAN Write to Get Thousands of Dollars Worth of Free Publicity + Valuable Tips in the Compelling Marketing Ezine


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“Wow, what a great job! I was so excited to see it looking so enticing. I showed it to a friend of mine, and her first comment was “Where do I sign up?!” And I really like the title you gave my special report. The greatest line of all though is the description of the report—which really made me laugh. It is such a perfect statement, with such a surprise ending. What a great job...”

--Diane Eisenman, Inner Guidance