Who Else Wants New Copy
that Attracts More Clients,

Sales and Subscribers…
Without the New Copy Price?

Your copy—the words in your marketing materials--is your most important selling tool.

It has to grab a prospect’s attention (and keep it amid a constant barrage of distractions), present a compelling case for you and your offer, and persuade them to take the next step NOW…instead of putting it off until later.

Because later almost never comes.

The good news is getting copy that works hard to land you more clients and more sales doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.

If you’re looking to--

  • Get more mileage from a sales page or sales letter

  • Increase the number of visitors who become subscribers

  • Create a more effective home page

  • Ensure your copy will get the results you’re looking for

…a Compelling Copy Critique may be just what you need.

“I thought I nailed the home page…Man, was I wrong!”

Wow, I have to tell you that you have convinced me to stick to something that I know--and it certainly isn't writing!

I thought I nailed the home page and didn't think there would be much done to it. Man, was I wrong and boy am I glad I found you! I found myself saying exactly what you wrote as I was reading it and remembering just how I felt when the first college bill arrived--YIKES!

You have quite the gift and I consider myself fortunate that you are sharing it with me.

--Marc Hill
Reduce My College Costs, LLC

With a Critique, I'll review and give you detailed suggestions for making your copy more powerful and effective within three business days. The suggestions include:

  • Making sure your copy will grab and hold your prospects' attention

  • Building the know, like and trust factor so prospects are more likely to buy and clients become more loyal

  • Formatting to emphasize key points and make it easier to read

  • Adding any missing elements (it's easy to forget important elements--even when you've read your copy a million times!) and fixing typos

  • Explain why I'm making certain changes, giving you valuable tips for future copy

  • Sharing marketing ideas to maximize your results

Good copy works hard for you and is essential to making the most of your marketing and getting the results you're looking for.

But given the crazy economy we've got right now, I know some entrepreneurs and business owners may not want to invest in all-new copy right now. Or maybe you just can't afford to wait a few weeks to have it all written for you. Those are two big reasons why I offer this service.

With the Compelling Copy Critique, you're saving at least 50% versus having me write the piece for you.  We offer two types of Critiques:

  • Sales Pages/Sales Letters $300

  • *Other Items $150

* Other items can be webpages, postcards, emails, brochures, flyers, ads, press releases… anything that’s less than 1,000 words. And you get results in just 3 business days.

And remember…even just one idea or change can boost response dramatically…and enhance your bottom line.

“Your changes were fantastic...and I really appreciated your strategic suggestions!”

Your changes to the sales page for my workshop were fantastic!!!! I also really appreciated your strategic suggestions on how to get more people to register. I love it all—and I know your input will significantly increase my sign-up rate! I'm going to recommend you to my mastermind group, and tell them how great your work is. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

--Jackie Kelm
Appreciative Living

Getting your Critique is easy—here’s how it works:

  1. Click the button below and you’ll be taken to the shopping cart to choose which type of copy you’re having Critiqued, and then guided through checkout.

  2. You’ll soon receive an email telling you how to email me your copy. It also has a few questions for you to answer about exactly who and what the copy is for—which will guide my efforts.

  3. Email your responses and copy to me

  4. I’ll review everything, inserting changes and suggestions into the copy and providing other valuable tips as well. Then within three business days (from the time I receive your copy and responses), I’ll email everything back to you.

  5. You just accept the changes and you’re good to go!

So reserve your Compelling Copy Critique below and you could be enjoying increased sales and opt-ins in less than a week!

YES, Tracy, I want a Compelling Copy Critique!

Just click "Add to Cart" for the option you want, and you'll be on your way to more profitable copy…

Sales Pages/Sales Letters for $300
Other Items for $150


Tracy Needham
Tracy Needham



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“Wow, what a great job! I was so excited to see it looking so enticing. I showed it to a friend of mine, and her first comment was “Where do I sign up?!” And I really like the title you gave my special report. The greatest line of all though is the description of the report—which really made me laugh. It is such a perfect statement, with such a surprise ending. What a great job...”

--Diane Eisenman, Inner Guidance Counseling